Love Lee Photography

My name is Ramie Lossman and I'm first blessed to be a stay at home mom to my 12 year old son Jace, who overflows my heart with love and enriches my life with joy & laughter. I am also the owner and photographer for Love Lee Photography. I started this hobby out of the love for my child and wanting a way to help provide for his Special Needs school & therapies. We've been blessed that this hobby that I adore has provided him with everything he needs to succeed in life and still allows me to be home with him when I need to be. Its a blessing I will never take for granite and will always be grateful for.

Specializing in affordable Family photography, Love Lee Photography offers a clean & simple editing style.

I shoot using a Canon 5D Mark III & a Canon EOS 1DX and edit on a 27" iMac using Photo Shop, Lightroom & Elements.

You can contact me by email at or check out our website at